About Sure Filter®

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

The automotive industry is forever changing. Production processes evolve, distribution boundaries widen, and a growing need for improved technology inspires companies to continually create, change, and redesign. Consumers demand perfection.

Sure Filter® strives to provide that perfection, with our facilities utilizing only the best manufacturing practices and testing standards. We promise quality products for both the automotive and industrial markets.


Sure Filter® products are built in two facilities in Indonesia: one in Tangerang and the other one in Kapuk. These facilities were among the first in Indonesia to receive ISO certification for manufacturing and quality control processes. They’re also continuously increasing their annual production capacities, reaching  96 million pcs. in 2014 alone. Both manufacturing facilities are focused on expanding their services to new markets around the globe.

Product Types
Both Sure Filter® facilities manufacture a broad range of filtration products, including:

Air (Cabin, Disposable Housing,
Element, and Round Soft PU)

Fuel (Element, In-Line, and

Hydraulic (Element, Spin-On)

Oil Filters (Element, Spin-On)

Quality Guarantee

Sure Filter’s® manufacturing facilities adhere to the strictest quality standards, meeting (and often exceeding) all engine manufacturer requirements. Both are ISO certified and comply with SAE, JIS, and DIN guidelines. They also employ over 3,000 specially- trained workers, each dedicated to superior filter production.