Limited Product Warranty

Product Warranty

To achieve optimum performance, machines must be maintained well, which is why Sure Filter® brand offers consumers the best available aftermarket filters and separators. We understand that every vehicle (from cars to mining apparatuses, construction equipment to marine gear) requires protection against contaminants, and we strive to provide that protection through state-of-the-art engineering and rigorous testing.

Our Promise

Sure Filter® guarantees that our products - including air filters, cabin filters, coolant filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, oil filters, air/oil separators, and water separators - will be free from defects. Each carefully manufactured filter will enhance efficiency and ensure optimum performance for every vehicle.

To be sure - use SURE®.

Limited Warranty

Should a Sure Filer® product suffer from a provable defect or production flaw, we will replace that product, as well as repair any damage it may have caused. Please follow the Warranty Claim Procedure to ensure proper care.

Note that this warranty does not extend to products that were damaged by external factors (such as improper installation, improper application, usage past an expiration date, or a failure to adhere to maintenance requirements). All complaints are subject to in-house investigations to determine their validities.