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At Sure Filter®, we take pride in the quality of our customer service. This includes how we treat each and every internal and external customer. We care about our employees, which makes our employees care about our customers. This is another reason we believe so strongly in the value of dealing directly with our customers.  We can guarantee a consistent level of service to provide professional, knowledgeable, responsive and dedicated customer support.
Sure Filter® Customer Service Team care about your needs, and when you contact our customer care line, you are dealing with the very best people who care about serving you, while exceeding your service expectations.

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Sure Filter Technology Automotive, Inc.
1470 Civic Court - Office 309,
Concord, CA 94520
1-8448 – BE SURE
1 (844) 823-7873


Job Duties

Tools Used



●       Establish, monitor and maintain project plans, including project goals and core deliverables.

o   Review qualitative project aspects with customers and verify conformance with stated goals

o   Monitor day to day activities to ensure projects are adhering to plans

o   Implement effective project schedule management to ensure tasks are completed on time, resources are allocated appropriately, and to help measure project performance.

o   Create, maintain and communicate master schedules, risks, budgets and weekly status reports to key stakeholders and clients

●       Develop and update reporting features and controlling tools to track status for the project, ensuring corrective measures available if deviating from the plan.

o   Establish internal and external processes for companywide implementation

o   Establish key performance indicators for the business to measure productivity and goal achievement

o   Synthesize information and insights into executive summaries and presentations for senior management

o   Develop presentations based on data and communicate analysis and recommendations to senior management

●       Implement actions as required in the project brief, engaging multi-functional professional project teams, including in-house professionals and part-time consultants

o   Support internal team and client facing meetings through developing agendas, taking detailed notes, synthesizing themes, and communicating and tracking next steps


•  SAS and other statistical analysis software

•  Excel; Powerpoint

•  MySQL and other relational database systems

•  NoSQL (MongoDB, etc.)

•  Visualization tools (Tableau, etc.)

•  Big data tools (Hadoop, etc.)

•  Trello, Asana, Confluence


●       Ensure compliance with financial regulations, legislation, and procedures

o   Establish policies and systems to prevent and/or deal with violations of legal guidelines

o   Periodically review and revise policies and systems to ensure continued compliance

●       Develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes, and personnel designed to accommodate the company’s business objectives

o   Communicate with organizational managers on the progress and performance of each project resource

o   Train personnel in systems and ensure workflow is efficient

●       Iterate on newly implemented processes for continuous improvement and refinement

o   Leverage best practices from industry in influencing and driving operational improvements

●       Designing scalable systems and organizational structures to support the company’s growth and ensure the highest quality of execution

o   Program managing cross-cutting, months-long operational effectiveness projects that will increase business efficiency and reduce risk



•  SAS and other statistical analysis software


•  Customer success software


•  Excel; Powerpoint

•  Visualization tools (Tableau, etc.)

•  Trello, Asana, Confluence


●       Develop relationships with existing and prospective customers and business partners

o   Conduct data analysis of customer discovery and assessment processes including things such as executive interviews, focus groups, and pulse surveys.

●       Develop and manage relationships with prospects and corporate partners

o   Assist with developing strategy for online advertising and social platforms to expand reach to prospective clients

●       Attend conferences, forums, business presentations and exhibitions, and develop business contacts, source new partners and customers


•  Excel

•  Big data tools (Hadoop, etc.)

•  CRM software (Salesforce etc.)


•  SEO (search engine optimization)


●       Analyze and forecast business trends to identify new opportunities for business development

o   Collect and use data using forecasting models to establish strategic goals and develop business and project plans

●       Perform due diligence, market analysis and financial valuations for new opportunities and business projects

●       Preparing of business development plan and updating the plan to reflect progress and market changes

●       Participate in market research process focusing on new markets, new business/customer development, and existing customer retention

o   Create a repository and system of managing and tracking key client success story assets that are used in external comms, case studies, narratives, collateral, website/landing pages, social, paid media, playbooks, PR, etc.

•  CRM software (Salesforce etc.)


•  ERP software


•  Financial analysis software


•  Qualitative data analysis software



Contact Customer Service

Sure Filter Technology Automotive, Inc.
1470 Civic Court - Office 309,
Concord, CA 94520
1-8448 – BE SURE
1 (844) 823-7873

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