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Heavy Duty Oil Filters

Heavy machinery and off-road vehicles face a continuous battle against dirty engine oil. Heavy-duty oil filters from Sure Filter® can help in the fight. Whether it’s an engine or a piece of construction machinery, there are all sorts of contaminants that can get into the oil. Dirty oil means a less efficient engine and one that may face unnecessary repairs. Keep it clean with quality Sure Filter® brand products.

Sure Filter® has been developed by a global manufacturer that has been in business for almost four decades producing a variety of filtration products including oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, and more for a wide range of applications. The automotive, construction, and mining industries are among a few that utilize the high quality filtration solutions provided by the company.

All of the Sure Filter® brand products are designed and manufactured in accordance with SAE, JIS, and DIN standards. All filters are made in adherence to international industry standards and examined by the company to ensure quality. Sure Filter® tests each and every product to make sure they hold up to efficiency and life expectancy standards. When a customer chooses a Sure Filter® brand product, he or she can be sure that it is of the highest quality and brings tremendous value.

Sure Filter® brand products feature quality design elements such as a steel tension spring, thicker body, and high performance filtration media. The steel tension spring is manufactured with a heat treatment process so that it will maintain the element support. The thicker body increases the structural integrity of the filter and the high performance media ensures the free flow of air or fluids. Sure Filter® products are also made to withstand intra-plastisol leakage. The results are high quality, efficient, and effective filtration solutions.

Premium heavy-duty oil filters from Sure Filter® offer many benefits. The value provided by Sure Filter® products is well worth the cost. For quality and reliability that you can trust, choose filters by Sure Filter®. Don’s settle for anything less than the best. Get tremendous value for products that perform.

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