Heavy Duty Transmission Filters

Trust the reliability and performance of heavy duty transmission filters by Sure Filter® to take care of your off-road heavy equipment and construction machinery. Sure Filter® brand has been developed by a global filter manufacturer in operation for 40 years, providing a wide range of oil, fuel, and air filters to the automotive, construction, mining, marine, and agriculture industries. Customers continue to remain confident in the performance of Sure Filter® filtration solutions.

Sure Filter® brand products are made with the finest quality components and are designed in accordance with SAE, JIS, and DIN standards. The company also tests all of its products to ensure they meet efficiency, life expectancy, and industry standards as well as all OEM specifications.  Sure Filter® brand products will lengthen the life span of your machines and improve their overall efficiency. Heavy duty transmission filters keep harmful contaminants out of your vehicle’s transmission system allowing to operate at maximum output.

Most of the harmful items that can damage a transmission system come from normal wear. Small metal chips as well as flakes from gears and bushings can enter the transmission fluid and wreak havoc on the transmission. It is also possible for pollutants to enter the transmission system through the vent or even when checking the fluid level through the dipstick tube. Some contaminants get into the fluid during the manufacturing process. A high performance transmission filter from Sure Filter® will protect transmissions from contaminants minimizing wear and improving the life of the entire system.

For ultimate value when it comes to filtration, don’t trust anyone but the best. Sure Filter® brand products will protect your machine while allowing it to operate at peak levels of performance. Feel confident knowing you chose the best filters on the market to protect your investment. When value and reliability are important, choose Sure Filter®.

To be sure – use SURE®.

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