Heavy Duty Air Filters

Modern engines and heavy machinery rely on high-quality replacement parts to keep operating at their optimal levels.  Heavy-duty air filters are just one of the many elements necessary to keep machines on the go. Heavy-duty air filters by Sure Filter® are made to withstand the high demands of heavy machinery and off-road vehicles. Sure Filter® heavy-duty air filters will protect machines and engines from contaminated air.

The secret to selecting an air filter is to take a close look at the media, or paper.  Sure Filter® heavy-duty air filters feature precise pleats and a variety of quality media designed to maximize the filtration surface area.  With greater media surface area, filters can trap more contaminants while maintaining the appropriate airflow restriction for efficient engine performance.

Clients choose Sure Filter® for reliability and their 99.9% efficiency. Sure Filter® products feature superior components, including high-performance quality media and a sturdy silicone gasket that ensures a proper seal and reliable performance in harsh conditions. Heavy-duty filters are constructed with a thicker body to maintain structural integrity.

Sure Filter® products are designed and manufactured in accordance with SAE, JIS, and DIN standards and tested to ensure that each filter meet efficiency, life expectancy, and quality requirements of the original equipment manufacturer.

To be sure – use SURE®.

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