Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Sure Filter® brand products manufactured at the world-class production facility, that makes approximately 96 million filters each year, some of them in OEM and OES partnership with leading global automotive and heavy-duty brands, such as Toyota, Nissan Diesel, Ford, Hino and many others). At Sure Filter®, we are committed to continual product and process improvements, and support internationally recognized quality certifications.


At Sure Filter®, we strictly adhere to internal technical product specifications, as well as the standards of ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001, original equipment manufacturers and SAE, JIS and DIN.  Both manufacturing facility and manufacturing process for the Sure Filter® brand products are ISO certified. 

Impulse Test Seal performance is key with all filters and separators. The Impulse Test uses a series of fluctuatingcycles to see how each seal responds to motor activity. 
Salt Spray Test Corrosion is a common concern. The Salt Spray Test allows us to see how each product performswhen exposed to high-levels of salt (up to 72 hours of spin-on applications are used).
Burst Strength Test Each product faces a Burst Strength Test, which inspects pressure resistance during the seamingphase of production. This test used to control the seal and gasket integrity.

Through these steps, we can monitor each product’s performance, bringing our customers superior filtrationproducts.
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