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About Us

On the highway of life, there are many unwelcome passengers - dust and dirt, pollen and pollutants. These nasty little travelers latch themselves to every passing vehicle, hiding in the intake systems, burrowing deep within the mechanicals. They see the world from the inside of an engine and wreak havoc with every passing mile.

Sure Filter® can provide the protection needed.

Our Mission
All machines - from cars to construction equipment - need protection. Every moment exposes them to countless pollutants, each attacking their efficiency and power. Combustion chambers infiltrated; piston seals wear thin; and hydraulic pressure weakens.  It’s a constant battle against the open road. 
Sure Filter® helps you win that battle. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional filtration products to ensure world-class performance. Sure Filter® brand delivers a complete range of automotive and heavy-duty filters, each engineered to withstand the rigors of environment every day.

Our Products

High performance results demand high performance products. Sure Filter® brand providing you with air filters, cabin filters, oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, coolant filters, water separators, and air/oil separators.  We offer commercial, industrial, automotive and marine applications to give you a one-stop shop for all of your filtration needs. 
All Sure Filter® products tested in accordance with industry standards to meet and exceed engine manufacturer’s requirements.

Our Quality

Sure Filter® believes in more than an ever-expanding inventory. We also believe in quality - which is why our products are shaped by the best materials and design standards. We blend steel tension designs with double spiral tubing, in-bond seaming with long-lasting filtration media. These elements promote superior strength and structural integrity.